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Pastor David





Keledjian Dental

Hands Down Best Dentist

My experiences with Keledjian Dental have always and continues to serve his clients with comfort (surroundings are soothing), gentleness (awareness/concern for every age), effectiveness (discussion/planning to cover dental needs), and service (helpful from beginning to end with the family touch). Hands down go to Keledjian Dental and you will never leave.

Timi M.

Keledjian Dental

I've never had a dentist more caring

In all my 68 years I have I have never had a Dentist that is more caring, gentile, and at the same time professional. Dr. K will always be my dentist. His main concern is my comfort. He is an excellent Dentist, and his staff feels like family,warm caring and friendly. With Dr. K I am truly blessed. What more could I ask for in a dentist. I have it all.

Martha M.

Keledjian Dental

I Highly Recommend Dr. Keledjian

Dr Keledjian and his staff always make me feel like I am important to them. They are consistently making sure that I am comfortable while I am there. The care I receive from this office is superb! I never have any pain or discomfort while in the chair, and the Dr. & staff are very helpful in answering questions regarding my procedures. The office staff is very friendly, and efficient in getting all of the paperwork done accurately and in a timely manner. This office has taken wonderful care of my family for many years, and are now caring for my grandchildren as well. I highly reccommend Dr. Keledjian to anyone who is looking for gentle and friendly care.

Becky W.

Keledjian Dental

Dr. Keledjian is the best

Dr. Keledjian is the best. He takes the time to explain what's going on with my dental needs using the latest technology. His staff is extremely helpful in helping me manage what I can afford to have done with my insurance carrier. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a family dentist. He cares for myself, my wife, and my two sons age 2 and 10.

Alberto H.

Keledjian Dental


I have had various procedures done by Dr. Keledjian in the past years. I have found him to be friendly, conscientious, and knowledgeable in his profession. As my dentist, I appreciate that he strives for perfection and he does all his work with integrity.

Keledjian Dental

A Gentle and Considerate doctor

Dr. Keledjian is a gentle and considerate doctor when performing the necessary treatment. He takes the time to discuss the process and is always cognizant of his patient's well being. He is the only dentist that I have ever had that makes post-operative calls to see how I (or any of my family) are doing. He also has a warm and family oriented staff that are always helpful and courteous.

Henri L.

Keledjian Dental

Great Comfort, Effectiveness, and Service

The three biggest concerns regarding the dentist (comfort, effectiveness and service) are not issues with Dr. Keledjian and his staff. They do excellent work in all three of these areas. They get an “A” in all three!


Keledjian Dental

I Actually Enjoy Going In For Dental Work

We were patients of Dr. Moran and we knew that he would only choose the very best young dentist to take over his practice. We have been extremely pleased with Dr. Keledjian's dental work and his friendly, caring attitude. Both he and the staff ask about our family every time we come in. I have recommended this practice to many friends because I know they will be well treated. Every member of his staff is top notch. I actually enjoy going in for dental work at this office.

Michael G.

Keledjian Dental


I didn't think there would be anyone better than Dr. Moran but I was WRONG!!! Jason is the most patient, understanding, and communicative medical professional I've ever experienced! He knows I'm the biggest whimp when it comes to just the anticipation of pain, so if I can say this, you KNOW it's true! As for the girls in the front office, my best friend since 1st grade is one of them. They are always pleasant and professional whether on the phone or in person. I was recently out of town and had one of my crowns fall out. I called and not only was given an appt for the day after I got back, but he spent more time keeping me calm than it actually took to re-cement it back in! Though I normally only see most of them twice a year, Don't know what I'd do without these people!! Also, Rita and Melissa ROCK!

Keledjian Dental

He's The BEST

Dr. Keledjian is gentle. The staff always welcomes you with smiles and wonderful personalities. The Dr. strives to not have the patient experience any pain. I like the fact that he asks about my life outside the dental office and about my husband's who is also a patient. In conclusion, He's the BEST.

Viola E.

Keledjian Dental

A Caring, Gentle Doctor

A caring, gentle doctor who is in tune with the latest in dental advances. His entire staff are gems of charm, and efficiency. His dental hygienist, Rita, is a jewel who not only endures my corny jokes, but actually laughs at them. I would follow Dr. Keledjian to the sands and rocks of the Mojave Desert so he could work on my teeth.

Leon E.

Keledjian Dental

Top-Notch Service Every Visit

Dr. Keledjian and staff give me top-notch service every visit! I am a cancer survivor with on going issues due to salivary gland damage from prior radiation treatments at St. Agnes to save my life, and Dr. Keledjian and staff in Madera did not shy away from my health situation. They are the BEST and work very hard to keep me winning the battle. I can't thank them enough! They are truly a blessing.

Doug A.

Keledjian Dental

Pain Free Dentistry

Dr. Keledjian and staff truly know the meaning of great customer service. I travel a lot with my job and they are always willing to accommodate me with my schedule. Thank you for the pain free dentistry you have provided to me over the years.

Tom I.

Keledjian Dental

The Right Dentist!

Dr. Jason Keledjian is the dentist WHO LISTENS and has the knowledge and skill to make it happen! Six months ago, on June 3rd, 2015, he made a slight resin adjustment which ended…. years of TMJ, severe headaches, sharp pain in right ear, a bite that constantly shifted, and teeth grinding at night. All gone the same day of the adjustment – and still gone! Thanks you Dr. Keledjian.

Becky H.

Keledjian Dental

Dr. Keledjian is the best!

Dr. Keledjian is the best! The Staff is everything that one would ever want: friendly, professional & very caring. They are great at preventive care & are up-to-date on dentistry. I'm never dreading visits. Thank you to all of you.

Theresa S.

Keledjian Dental

He Treats You Like A Friend

Dr. Jason is very careful to see that a visit to the dentist is a pleasant experience as much as possible. He is always asking if I'm doing alright. He is friendly and treats you like a friend as well as a valuable patient.

Karen P.

Keledjian Dental

We Highly Recommend Them

Dr Keledjian and his office staff are highly professional. My wife and I receive quality care as well as personal service. Our dental profile has improved greatly. We highly recommend them to you!

Walt B.

Keledjian Dental

I Always Have A Great Experience

I always have a great experience when ever I go to Dr. Keledjians. The staff is very friendly, easy to talk too, and they keep a professional appearance at all times. Scheduling appointments is very easy too, and they always work around your schedule to make it easier for you.

Andrew L.

Keledjian Dental

I felt nothing!

Dr. Keledjian did a great job. I have always had a problem with the shots. With Dr. Keledjian I felt nothing. All the people are so friendly and professional. I will let all my friends know that this is the man to go to when you have a problem.

Don M.

Keledjian Dental

Excellent Friendly and Caring Service

Excellent friendly and caring service. Dr. Keledjian explains procedure and makes sure patient is as comfortable as possible. He goes above and beyond contacting patients at home to make sure they are doing well after office visits.

Rosie G.

Keledjian Dental

Great Dentist!

Good staff, great dentist, no pain, I love that, and even though I'm an adult they still let me have stickers and a pick from the surprise box:) haven't ever had to wait for longer than 5 min, incredible for a doctors office, the staff know myself and family very well. The personal touches are important. Would and have highly recommended to many people. I could go on forever.

Brian H.

Keledjian Dental

Always Been Excellent

My experience with Dr. K and his staff has always been excellent. They are up to date with technology and I'm always made to feel welcome.

Sharon G.

Keledjian Dental

Great Dental Office

Dr. Jason Keledjian and staff are always so friendly and helpful. It is great to received such professional, caring dental care.

Carmen S.

Keledjian Dental

I Would Not Even Consider Going To Anyone Else

Dr Keledjian is a caring, gentle Dentist who knows what he is doing. He and his staff are friendly, loving and knowledgable people. I would not even consider going to anyone else.

David R.

Keledjian Dental

I truly trust Dr. K with my teeth

Dr. K is such a caring person with all my dental needs. His staff girls are so kind and friendly. They always bring a smile to my face. I will always have Dr. K as my dentist. I truly trust him with my teeth.

Victoria G.

Keledjian Dental

I recommend him all the time.

I always have a pleasant time at Dr Keledjian office and I recommend him all the time to my friends. He is a great dentist and the staff is wonderful. You all take great care of me.

Carolyn M.

Keledjian Dental

Always Friendly and Efficient

Dr Keledjian and his staff are always friendly and efficient. They ask about my family. They care about my dental health but they are not pushing. I appreciate their honesty. Call them for an appointment.

Rachel D.

Keledjian Dental

Thank you so much for your great care

Dr. Keledjian's office is always professional and provide excellent dental care. I recently had a procedure done and it was completely pain free throughout. Thank you so much for your great care.

Debra V.

Keledjian Dental

Dr. Keledjian is the best!

Dr. Keledjian is the best! The Staff is everything that one would ever want: friendly, professional & very caring. They are great at preventive care & are up-to-date on dentistry. I'm never dreading visits. Thank you to all of you.

Theresa S.

Keledjian Dental

Highly Recommend Him

Awesome front and back office staff. Dr. Is gentle and kind. Highly recommend him.

Krista F.

Keledjian Dental

I highly reccomend him!

Dr. Keledjian takes time to explain dental needs and always considers the confort of his patients ... follow-up calls are also greatly appreciated. Staff is very helpful, friendly and professional. I highly recommend him.

Gary C.

Keledjian Dental

Like Family

I have always had a very positive, and pleasant experience in Dr. Keledjian's office. His staff are always pleasant, professional and treat you like family. Dr. Keledjian is always informative, professional, and personable. Will continue to be a patient and always recommend him to others without hesitation.

Susan H.

Keledjian Dental

I look forward to my appointments

Awesome people and always enjoyable.... I look forward to my appointments.... I know my smile is always in good hands!

David M.

Keledjian Dental

Awesome Experience!

Overall awesome! Very personable which makes the whole experience that much easier.

Kris H.

Keledjian Dental

I Have Been Very Pleased

I have been very pleased with his service. Office staff is very friendly. He is very into preventing dental problems. When I had a dental emergency in Africa he was very helpful via email.

Stephanie H.

Keledjian Dental

Dr. K always makes sure you are comfortable

I always have a pleasant visit at Dr.Keledjian's everyone is so nice and helpful but most important. Dr. K always makes sure you are comfortable and in no pain when treating you. I always enjoy my visits to my dentist Dr. Keledjian.

Tillie M.

Keledjian Dental

Dr. K is a kind and considerate dentist

Dr. K is a kind and considerate dentist. He explains his procedures thoroughly. With my last appointment Dr. K took the time to keep me occupied through conversation until the medication took effect. His staff there is top notch. I also enjoy the coffee.

Gerardo G.

Keledjian Dental

Dr. Keledjian as a dentist......

Everyone is so friendly, on time always, Have never had a problem with after pain or have never felt a needle. Dr Keledjian is that good in his profession.

Joe S.