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Intraoral Digital Scanner

An intraoral scanner enables both dentists and orthodontic specialists to obtain detailed 3D digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and occlusion to deliver the most precise, efficient, and comfortable care. A guided scanning process using an ergonomically designed wand captures and integrates multiple intraoral images from every angle to generate highly accurate 3D impressions. The intraoral scanner provides a far more pleasant office experience for the patient than the conventional methods of taking dental impressions. Compatible with multiple digital systems, the intraoral scanner allows for the seamless and efficient generation of dental models for the custom fabrication of dental prostheses such as crowns as well as orthodontic aligners. With the intraoral scanner, the practitioner consistently obtains more precise information for more predictable results and better outcomes of care.

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Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital radiography utilizes computer technology and digital sensors for the acquisition, viewing, storage, and sharing of radiographic images. It offers several advantages over the older traditional film based methods of taking x-rays. The most significant of theses advantages is that digital radiography reduces a patient’s exposure to radiation. Other benefits are that images can be viewed instantly after being taken, can be seen simultaneously as needed by multiple practitioners, and can be easily shared with other offices. Digital x-rays are also safer for the environment as they do not require any chemicals or paper to develop.

An electronic pad, known as a sensor is used instead of film to acquire a digital image. After the image is taken, it goes directly into the patient’s file on the computer. Once it is stored on the computer, it can be easily viewed on a screen, shared, or printed out.

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TV Goggles

If you want a truly immersive experience that takes you out of our dental office into a virtual world where you can relax and distract yourself, television goggles are like having a theater in front of your eyes! Enjoy your favorite TV show or video while your dental team provides the treatment you need to keep your smile healthy.

With built-in headphones, you can completely tune out the sounds of the dental office and tune into your favorite show. You won’t believe how quickly the time will pass before treatment is finished, and we send you on your way!

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Non-Mercury Tooth-Colored Fillings

When tooth structure is eaten away or otherwised damaged by dental decay, cracks or fractures, it can often be repaired by means of the placement of a dental filling. While traditional fillings were typically composed of amalgam, a mixture of different metals, today’s fillings are frequently tooth-colored. These “white fillings” invisibly restore the form and function of the involved tooth so that it seamlessly blends in with the remaining tooth structure. Tooth colored fillings are made of the latest generation of composite resin materials in which filler particles are bound together when set by a hard matrix material. Strong and durable, tooth colored fillings are chemically bonded to fill and rebuild a tooth once the decayed or damaged tooth structure has been removed. First placed as a putty-like material, tooth colored fillings are carefully shaped to restore the contours of a healthy natural tooth and then cured (set) with a light wand. In addition to restoring teeth affected by damage or decay, composite resins can also be used to cosmetically change the size, color or shape of teeth with imperfections or minor alignment issues such as spacing.

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Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a miniaturized camera that can take high-resolution images inside of the mouth and display them for viewing in real time on a computer screen. It is a pen-sized device that provides an up close, full-color and high-resolution view of the teeth and surrounding soft tissues.

An intraoral camera is a wonderful communication tool that allows the dentist to directly show a patient a close up view of every tooth and the nearby soft tissues. With this technology any areas of concern can be instantly displayed and discussed.

The intraoral camera can also capture individual images that can be saved as part of a patient’s permanent record. These saved images can be reproduced when needed for use by other dental specialists, a dental laboratory, insurance companies, and others.

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Cephalometric X-Ray

The cephalometric x-ray is a full head x-ray, taken from the side that provides a comprehensive view of your bite, jaw, and tooth location. Ceph x-rays are useful in locating the sinuses, injuries to the teeth and jawbone, analysis for orthodontics, and malocclusion (bad bite).

When treating TMJ or planning orthodontic treatment, digital ceph x-rays allow more detailed analysis and accurate treatment planning. Like digital dental x-rays and panoramic x-rays, we use digital technology.

Cephalometric x-ray shown at left.

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Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Unlike individual dental x-rays used to diagnose conditions such as decay, panoramic x-rays give us the big picture of your tooth and bone health. They capture your entire mouth, jawbone, and teeth simultaneously. We can use panoramic x-rays to monitor wisdom teeth growth, bone density, and observe sinuses for implant placement. Panoramic x-rays are also helpful in diagnosing cysts, tumors, and periodontal disease.

Like digital dental x-rays, digital panoramic x-rays require significantly reduced radiation and unsurpassed high-resolution images.

Panoramic x-ray shown at left.

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Text Message Appointment Reminders

If you have a busy schedule, remembering your appointments or getting them into your digital calendar can be a challenge. We provide text message reminders for our patients’ convenience.

You can sign up for this popular service at our office. That way, you can stay on track with your necessary dental care and plan your week without worry!

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Blanket Warmer

We believe in pampering our patients and giving you a one-of-a-kind experience. After all, you deserve it! Our blanket warmer offers spa-like comfort while you have your necessary dental treatment. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy a comfort oasis during your busy day!